Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 8

Picture of Amit and Rhea together.
Amit's POV

"Yeah Mom, I'll do it! Bye!"
I shouted and ended the call. God!! Mom has been pestering me since days for making a new account in the bank. I'll have to do it or she'll kill me. Imagine, my mom killing me!

I decided to bunk the morning session and go to the 'bank'. Aaarrrggg!!
Won't be able to meet my Angel. But there's lunch of course!
Man, I love her. Her eyes, her blushing cheeks, her smile, and her voice... The way she sang with all her heart. Wow! Amit Gupta is in love!!
I left the hostel and saw Neha standing with a senior of mine at the entrance. She was all giggles and touchy with him. She looked at me and winked. Stupid b***h Neha! I hate her!

I walked to the bank. The receptionist started flirting. I talked to her showing no interest, then filled the form and gave her the necessary documents. It took forever to finish the procedure.
I rushed to college then. It was already lunch time. I ran toward the cafe and spotted the girls at the usual table. Kiran waved at me. My Angel sat as usual with her back toward the crowd.
I greeted them, "Sorry! Had some work," I said and said "Hi" to Angel. She blushed and said, "hi".

She looks prettier always. I love her.
We ate in silence. After sometime Neha came to us. She sat next to Rhea and hugged her. "I'm sorry. I wasn't laughing at you," she said. I glared at her and gritted my teeth. "It's ok," Rhea said and smiled at her. I got angrier by Rhea's reply.
Neha got up, looked at me and said, "Hi sweety! Thanks for the breakfast date." What! She kissed me on my cheek and left.

What just happened?
I was so shocked, I didn't see Rhea leaving. I called out after her. She just kept walking.
Kiran and Karishma followed me. "Breakfast date?" Kiran asked. "I thought you and Rhea were together now."
"We are! I have no idea what Neha said. I was at the bank in the morning. In fact, I saw her flirting with my senior near the hostel gate. She might have seen me heading toward the bank. God, I should know, she'd do something like this!" I said.
"What is Neha's problem!" Karishma exclaimed.
I took my phone out. There were two messages.

Rhea: Where are you?

Neha: If I see you with Rhea, I'll ruin her. What do you see in her? All the guys are mine. Not my sidekick's.

My eyes widened. I showed her text to the girls. They were shocked.
I called Rhea. No answer. I kept on calling and messaging the whole day. No reply.
I was scared. She didn't attend college the next day. The girls said she didn't eat. I kept on calling her. She never answered. I couldn't sleep, eat or concentrate on anything.

Two weeks went by. I was at the seat in a far corner in the class. My phone buzzed.

Kiran - Rhea's fine. She's coming to college with us.

I smiled for the first time in so many days. The girls and my Angel entered the class after sometime. My heart broke into a million pieces. She looked... sunken eyes, her glow gone...
Her eyes searched the class and met mine. They were sad. Very sad. What have I done to her? She didn't talk to anyone, except Kiran and Karishma. She didn't even look at me.

I distracted myself with studies, but it was really difficult. I started smoking. Didn't bother to shave. I was lost.
Then it hit me. The only way to get close to her was to change my branch to hers the next year. I studied hard. Soon exams came. I fared well enough to get into Rhea's branch.

A feeling of hope filled my heart. Hoping there will be no Neha-drama the next year, I smiled after a long time.


Guys if you're confused; in engineering if you have good marks in the first year, you are allowed to change the branch that was allotted to you. Five comments for the next chapter please.
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Published: 6/10/2013
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