Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 9

Trusting again. Picture of Arjun.
The summer holidays of first year started after the exams. Karishma and Kiran left for their hometown. But Rhea didn't want to go home. She stayed at the hostel. She kept herself busy all the time. Either reading, or going for long walks, or yoga.

Time healed her wounds. She was normal again, but missed Amit. One lazy Sunday afternoon, somebody knocked Rhea's door. It was her senior. "Somebody's here to meet you Rhea," she said.
Confused, Rhea walked to the hostel entrance. Neha stood there with a big smile on her face. She wore shorts and a plain white t-shirt. She looked stunning as always.

Rhea slowly walked toward her with a blank mind and a blank face. Neha came forward and hugged her. "Long time no see Rhea baby! How are you?" She said. Rhea smiled, unable to speak. "Come on get dressed, we are going out. There's someone I want you to meet," Neha said.
Rhea quietly got up and proceeded to her room to get dressed. 'This could be a good change from my normal schedule,' she thought. She quickly changed into a cream-colored top and skinny jeans. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and wore her favorite Converse, and left.

Neha took her to a nearby restaurant and started chatting, and cracking jokes, talking about her holidays. Rhea just smiled and gave one-word answers to whatever Neha asked.

After sometime a guy came to them. He had that air of boyish naughtiness around him. "Hi Neha!" He said and hugged her sideways. "Hi Arjun, meet my best friend Rhea. Rhea this is Arjun, a very special friend of mine," Neha said and smiled at him. "Hey Rhea! I'm in your college too. I'm Neha's classmate," Arjun said. Rhea smiled and said, "hi". They started talking. Rhea and Arjun soon connected. They had the same likes and dislikes. The three talked, ate, and had fun.

Rhea and Arjun exchanged numbers, and the three left after sometime.
Both of them chatted on the phone for a long time. Rhea was just about to sleep when her phone buzzed again...

Amit: I'm outside your hostel...


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Published: 6/12/2013
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