Window Shopping in a Coffin Shop

What's life for?
I walked into the shop,
Happy and elated,
But the way the attendant looked at me,
Just made my eyes watery,
And He followed me as if ready to hold me in case I fall,
And I walked through sampling the 200 or so coffins,
And surprisingly I could fit in most of them.

All along a thought lingered in me,
That day when I will be put in one,
And my whole story will be pushed away "His-Story"
I could see people wailing and sobbing,
Yet I could see others celebrate,
I could see my projects wither,
And I could see my two jewels running around in desperation,
As if I never lived,
As if I never had friends,
As if I were nothing on earth.

And the effect of our death to our children,
Looks not so different from the effect of a bitch's to its puppies,
Life stands so meaningless,
Goodness stands at jeopardy,
And there is no future in the coffin,
There is no voice in the grave,
There is no pain either,
But the last pain...

Where does it go,
The pain of a man dying with so many things on course,
Where does the pain go?
Of a woman dying next to her 1 week old baby,
It sticks to them,
They die with it,
And they remain with it,
It's only that they won't share.

And as I left the shop, I could see clearly,
Why people gave their lives to everyone else,
Life is not worth living it alone,
It's not worth living it with a family,
It's not worth living it with a clan_ community_ country,
Life is sharing who you are,
What you have,
What you think,
What you feel,
With the whole world.
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Published: 3/21/2016
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