Wishing You're Mine

A poem inspired by a young fellow who wanted to love a girl but can't find the courage within.
I never thought of this young-hearted fellow,
Taking the sweetness from a gentle cupid's arrow,
It struck me so hard and I fell in my innocent time,
Oh! I can't sleep and this insomnia is ticking so much of my time.

I think I love you and I miss you, I don't know,
I can't help myself to start thinking about you,
You are so cute, so pretty, and so lovely my baby,
I just can't hold myself falling for you each day.

Is this love or just a mere height of emotions playing on me?
Whatever it is, I am happy and cozy when you're with me,
My heart jumps and giggles when you come near to me,
My tongue entangles when you are an inch away from me.

Wooing you worries me about our young friendship,
Shall I stay like this secretly and quietly in love with you?
Or shall I vividly express myself and mess up what we have,
I maybe love you now, but I just don't know where to start and where to place myself.

Oh! I can't take this feeling if left unsaid anymore,
I'm gonna take this chance or else it would be no more,
I love you but where is the courage to reveal myself at your door?
But I bet you, I can bring this feeling along forevermore.

When I see your kissable lips, I wish the kiss is mine,
When I see your seductive eyes, I wish those stares are strongly mine,
And when I see your smile, I wish to be still and make that moment my time,
But when I see you with another guy, I wish you are mine, just only mine.

Oh dear! I am madly in love with you,
My heart and mind is so overwhelmed and crazy for you,
Wishing one day that I can say I love you,
And can freely show how this feeling works for you.

I love holding your hand while walking in a humid day,
Listening the melody of birds chirping at our way,
I love kissing your lips while we are being shadowed by a tree,
And feeling its freshness while the wind blows the leaves which makes us feel so free.

I love running after you while we are barefooted in a seashore,
Chasing after you while splashing water from the sea,
I love the way you call my name, so endearing and so enticing,
But this illusions make sense if I start ending this daydreaming.

I remember how it feels when I first met you,
Remembering the feeling of excitement gives me quite an impression,
And now, I see you my love as my sweetest inspiration,
I surmise that this sweet teen love of mine is made to last for you to be mine.
Published: 1/16/2013
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