With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 10

Without you there is nothing called happiness in my life. It's just emptiness...
"Ronnie." I said in shock.
"So, caught you again?" Ronnie asked.

I wasn't able to say anything. Raag was clueless about what's going on. Ronnie looked at Raag curiously to know about him.

"Won't you introduce me to your friend?" Ronnie asked me.
"Ya sure. He is Raag." I said to Ronnie.
"And Raag, this is Ronnie, my brother." I said to Raag.

"Hi!" Ronnie said to Raag forwarding his hand.
"Hi!" Raag said without noticing it.

"Raag." I addressed him and forwarded his hand. Ronnie looked at me in shock.

"Need to go for now. Roshni, see you in the evening. Need to talk to you." Ronnie said to me and left.

"So, this was the reason you were not attending my calls?" Raag asked.
"Yes. I'm sorry Raag, I did not want him to know about us." I said.
"But why? We aren't doing anything wrong."
"I know Raag but..."
"But what? What's wrong in that?"
"You don't know my brother."
"But I know you."
"I'm sorry Raag but... I need time for this." As I ended this sentence, I left.
"What? Time for what?"

I did not respond as I already left from there.

"Roshni." He called for me.

But when I did not reply, he spread his hands to check if I were there or not. But to his disappointment I had left already. But still he tried to call me once again.

"Roshni, you're there?" He asked.

But again, there was no answer. He placed down his empty hands in disappointment. I reached home and saw Ronnie waiting for me.

"Are you out of your mind?" Ronnie yelled at me.
"What happened?" I asked.
"What do you think I came there by chance, was that a coincidence? No, I knew that you were going to meet him today. I even knew who he is. But I think you are not aware of it. And if you are aware of it and still you are with him, just mind well it won't be good for him."

"What are you talking about? You were spying on me? And what you know about him?"
"Yes, I was spying on you because you are an idiot. Do you remember how our dad died? He was sentenced to death, do you remember that?"

He caught me tightly by my shoulders.

"Ronnie, you're hurting me." I said in agony.
"The pain that I'm feeling right now is much more than yours." He said.
"But what's the connection with our father's death and Raag?"
"He's the son of that bloody person who is responsible for our father's death."

I was speechless and thoughtless. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. It suddenly struck my mind that Raag once had told me that his dad had called some cops to catch some criminal who killed his best friend. And the one who was caught by the cops was my dad.

I was totally in shock.

"Roshni, were you not aware of this fact?" He asked me.
"No." I said.

Ronnie threw me on the couch.

"Don't even think of lying to me." He said pointing out a gun to me.
"Kill me." I said holding the gun tightly and placing it over my forehead.
"What are you doing? Leave it." He snatched his gun from my hand.

"Are you out of your mind?" He again yelled at me.
"I won't be able to leave him. I love him, Ronnie. I am in love with Raag." I said.

Ronnie was very frustrated by the last sentence I spoke. He threw the vase on the floor in frustration. I was scared by his action. He held my hand and dragged me out on the street. He took the car and asked me to get in.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked in shock.
"Just get in." He yelled at me.

I sat inside and he drove the car in full throttle.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

He did not reply and accelerated the speed.

"Please Ronnie, slow down. You are scaring me."

After moving ahead few miles, he stopped the car in middle of the road where no other vehicles were possible to pass. It was totally dark.
Published: 9/13/2012
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