With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 12

Things are going too wrong... I don't know how to end this?
Ronnie had kidnapped the daughter of a rich industrialist of the town. They had demanded for good number of guns and good amount of money in return. The girl's dad had accepted this deal and they had to meet him today evening in the middle of some haunted place. Ronnie took me along with his gang. I was very uncomfortable with them.

"I had already told you that I don't like all these things. I'm not gonna involve in any sort of crime with you. I don't want to be called a criminal like you." I yelled at Ronnie.

"Who's asking you?" He said and seized my arm.

He forced me to sit in the jeep and we headed to the target place.

His fellow mobsters had already reached there and there was no way for me to escape. We had taken the girl with us and were waiting for her dad to come over there.

After waiting for few minutes, her dad arrived. Ronnie asked me to hand over the little girl to his dad and get the bag from him. With every single step I took, I felt deep remorse. I was holding the girl's hand, I looked at her, she gave an innocent look. I would never be able to forgive myself because I too had become a part of their crime, a mobster. I wanted to end this, I wanted my brother to surrender himself. I wanted to save everyone from being a criminal. But today, I was seeing myself as one among them. I was completely perplexed about what's going to happen next or what should I do.

I handed that little girl to her dad and took the bag loaded with money. Ronnie sent two guys to take the bags loaded with guns.


Raag was coming back to his senses.

"Raag." Robin tried to wake him up.

Raag opened his eyes and felt Robin's hand over his palm.

"Raag, how are you feeling now?" Robin inquired.

"Robin?" Raag said in surprised tone.

"Yeah!" Robin said holding Raag's hand.

"Where am I? How did you find me?" Raag inquired.

"You are in hospital. Someone from hospital called me and informed that you are admitted."

"Hospital? What happened to me?"

"You are fine now. Nothing to-"



"She is in trouble."

"Are you out of your mind Raag. She left you in the middle of the road like this. She doesn't even care for you. She didn't even bother to call you up once to see whether you are fine. In fact, she is the one responsible for whatever you are undergoing through. And you are worried for her?!"

"No Robin, you have misunderstood her. Robin, she is in great trouble right now. She needs me. I can feel that. I should go and help her right now."

Raag stumbled just as he stepped forward from his bed but Robin caught him.

"Raag, you are not in the position to walk even. And for God's sake stop trusting her. Raag, it's clear that she is not at all interested in you anymore. Why don't you understand this much? She is not ready to introduce you to her brother and this is a clear sign of ignorance. Correct me if I'm wrong."

Raag was completely blank.

"Then why did she cry while leaving?" Raag said after a long pause.

"She cried! How can you be so sure that she was actually crying and not acting?" Robin asked.

"I felt it. I felt her tear on my palm. I felt the pain she was undergoing. I heard her cries in that silence of hers." Raag sighed.

"Don't act stupid Raag. Think practically. Fine, if, for instance I believe you then why didn't she introduce you to her brother? Why did she leave you when you needed her the most? Do you have any answer for these questions?"

Raag was inconclusive. He was lost in deep thoughts when Robin's phone rang. Robin went out to carry on his conversation and after a while he came back.

"I'm sorry Raag I have to rush. There is an emergency. But you don't worry I'll be here soon." Robin said and left.

Raag was still lost in his thoughts. He went out from the hospital and was not aware of the world around him. He was in his own thoughts, vacuous, thinking about Roshni. He wasn't bothered about the crowd with whom he clashed on his way. He had no sign of any expression on his face. He became lifeless.

Just as he was about to cross the road, a car came running in full celerity.
Published: 10/3/2012
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