With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 14

So much confusion... I can't leave him and neither can I see him in trouble...
Next morning after the hangover, I woke up and found Raag sitting in front of me. I was shocked to see him. He was lost in his profound thoughts. I went near him and placed my hand on his.

"Raag!" I called him.

"Roshni, Hey! When did you woke up?" He said coming out of his thoughts. Raag inquired.

"I just woke up. But... when did you come here? And how did I reach here? I can't remember anything. My head is paining like hell." I said in torment.

"That's because you were drunk yesterday."

I tried to recall the instances of last night but failed in doing so.

"Raag, I... I'm not able to recollect anything. But... wait... I told you to never see me again." I said in distress.

"No, you never said this to me. It wasn't you. It was Ronnie's sister who said that to me." Raag asserted.

I was perplexed by his answer.

"Roshni." Raag said and forwarded his hand.

I placed my hand on his and sat beside him. I placed my head on his shoulder leaving all the torments of this world behind.

"I know the truth, Roshni." Raag said.

"Truth!?" I asked in confusion.

"Yesterday you revealed the truth before me. And trust me, that made you even more closer to me. I know why you were ignoring me. But that thing will never affect our relationship Roshni." Raag kissed my forehead as he ended this.

"But our relationship... it's not possible Raag." I said in a depressed tone.

"I completely understand the situation Roshni but... I don't want to leave you. I want to protect you. I don't want you to go back into the world from which you are trying to escape."

"Raag, it's too late for this-"

"I know everything Roshni. I got a call from Robin yesterday. He told me that he found my locket from the suspected place. I understood the whole thing. Roshni, I thought you repelled crime. But, it was really disheartening to know that you too joined their group. I thought you repelled these activities... I know it's not your fault... But I care for you. And I don't want you to get back into that iniquitous world. Please-"

"I don't have any other option."

"We do have. But I just need your support Roshni."

"Raag, I don't want you to get into trouble because of me anymore. It's better we end this here itself. I know it's easy to say but-"

"Run away with me." Raag interrupted.

"What? Run away, where? You think Ronnie won't find us. He found me out within a month and it's impossible to hide from him." I said in bewilderment.

"Don't worry about that. Robin will take care of it. We will be safe. I won't let anything happen to you... I promise."

"I'm not worried about myself Raag. I'm worried about you."

"Don't worry about me either. We'll be at a safe place. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, but-"

"Come with me."

Raag stood up and put forward his hand. I thought for a while and held his hand. I thought life is giving me a second chance - A chance to live with the one who cares for me, who loves me. I too wanted to leave this selfish and violent world. I wanted to live a peaceful and happy life, like all the normal people do. I didn't want to be a criminal, I wanted to be... just... normal. And I can get the life I dreamed of only with Raag. So, leaving all the perplexities behind, I thought of starting a new life with Raag. But destiny had some other plans for me. The plans, for which I was never prepared and no one would even ever expect.
Published: 10/16/2012
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