With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 15

Chapter 15... towards the end. Please don't leave me... I'm nothing without you.
We were waiting for the cab near my house when we heard Ronnie shouting my name. I looked back to him, and he was heading towards us with full pace. I gripped Raag's hand. Ronnie came to us and was almost out of breath when he reached near me. He held my hand tightly.

"Roshni, we're in trouble. Come with me, fast." Ronnie said in a baffled tone.

"Ronnie leave my hand, I'm not going anywhere with you and I'm not leaving Raag." I said firmly.

"Roshni, is he so important to you? I don't mean anything to you? Roshni, the cops are behind me. I don't know how they found us. But staying here for a second also is dangerous for us. I'm leaving this city and you are coming with me, that's final."

Ronnie tried to snatch me away from Raag but I held Raag's hand so tightly that Ronnie wasn't able to separate us. Ronnie pushed Raag away from me and he fell on the ground. Ronnie caught hold of me and pulled me towards him. I dolefully looked at Raag.

"Raag..." I called out for him.

Raag followed my voice but wasn't able to cope up with the direction. I felt miserable.

"Ronnie, just stop it. You can't force me to come with you. I have my own life. I don't want to be a gangster like you."

Ronnie slapped me tightly.

"Just shut up or I shall kill you. I am taking you along with me because I want you to be safe. You are my sister, you can trust me. I won't let you get in trouble." Ronnie said.

"I am in trouble right now. But not anymore. I'm not going with you." I said and bit Ronnie's hand.

I was successful in escaping from Ronnie. I ran towards Raag and gave him a bear hug. Ronnie became frustrated then Raag heard the sound of the trigger.

"Roshni." Raag shouted and pushed me aside.

I fell on the ground and heard the sound of gunshot. And within seconds, my world got shattered into pieces.

"Raag..." I cried aloud and rushed to him.

I heard another gunshot but was least bothered about that as I was bothered about Raag. Ronnie tried to shoot me but unfortunately Raag pushed me away and the bullet hit Raag right in his chest. I picked up Raag and made him lie on my lap. I looked behind to get some help and noticed that Robin had shot Ronnie. Ronnie was lying on the ground and Robin rushed to us.

"Ronnie..." I sighed.

Robin came to us and held Raag's hand.

"Raag... Don't worry. I've called the ambulance. I'll not let anything happen to you." Robin said.

"Robin, it's of no use now."

"Please don't say this. I'll not let you go anywhere. Please don't leave me like this. I won't be able to live without you. Please..." I cried.

Raag forwarded his hand asking for mine. I held his hand.

"I'm sorry." He said and kissed my hand and closed his eyes.

"Raag... Raag... Please talk to me... Raag..." I cried.
Published: 10/23/2012
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