With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 16 (Final)

The sunset...
I lost the two most important persons in my life; Raag and Ronnie. I was left all alone. Now... I had no reasons to live. I had no reason to shed tears or to smile. Each breath I took without Raag was killing me from inside. My heart had lost its beats. My arms felt emptiness without being around his neck. My eyes lost its spark without seeing him. My words were unspoken as he wasn't here to listen to them. I was left all alone. I was breathing but was lifeless. The nights were no longer shining in the light of moonlight. The days were not so sunny. The wind that I felt against my face was piercing me from inside. Everything in this world seemed so fake without him.

After the funeral of Ronnie and Raag, Robin came to me.

"I'm sorry. I always misunderstood you. But... I have something for you." Robin said and gave me the locket which I had lost.

I didn't say anything.

"I'll leave now. If you need anything then just call me." Robin said and left.

I looked at the locket and wept badly.


I went to the beach where we used to meet. Every single ray coming from horizon was depressing me. I was carrying my diary with me. I went into the deep sea with my eyes closed, the water was very cold until the waves took me along.


Robin's POV

A tear rolled over my cheek as I finished reading her diary. I was so wrong about her. She was so much in love with Raag.

"I'm sorry Roshni." I said to myself.

Before committing suicide, Roshni had left her diary and a locket on the beach. I reached the beach to recognize the dead body of Roshni. After all the formalities, some people handed me her diary and the locket which she left for me.

I closed the diary and sat on my resting chair thinking about love. Raag and Roshni could not meet on earth, but hopefully there won't be anyone in heaven to stop their love story.

It's a really great feeling of being in love. But losing your loved one is the worst thing that can happen to you. And I realized it when I lost my wife to cancer. Hugging the photo of my wife, I fell fast asleep.


Thanks to everyone who read this story and liked it. I know this was a short story and not much explained in-depth. This was just an initiative. I will come up with a new story in detail for sure.
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Published: 10/30/2012
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