With You, Is Where My Heaven Lies - Chapter 9

Everything was going good, until this day...
One day after departing from Raag, I went home. I saw the door was open as I keep the keys under the vase. I went inside to see what exactly was going on. I saw a shadow of human figure in the hall. I was scared, so I picked up the vase that was placed in the hall and went to hit him. As I went near to him, he turned at me and the vase fell on the floor. My heart started beating faster. I was even more scared at that time.

"How did you find me?" I asked.
"That was easy." He said.

I tried to escape from there, but he caught me by my hand.

"Please leave me. It's hurting me." I pleaded.
"O really! It hurt me the same way when you ran away from me." He said and threw me on the couch.

He closed the door and took out the gun.

"I could have killed you for betraying me only if you weren't my sister." He said.
"That's the best thing you could have done to me. You know I'll not join your 'gang', then what you want from me?" I said.

"Just shut up. I am not here to take your advice. I am here on some mission. I want you to be obedient. I would be busy with my work that does not mean you can run away again. You don't want to be in my gang fine, do whatever you like, but don't cross your limits. My eyes will always be on you." He warned me, placing the gun on my forehead.

He left me with a threat. The whole night I kept thinking of him. If he finds out that I love Raag, he would never accept it. I spent the whole night in threat. I thought not to meet Raag until Ronnie completes his work and goes from here. Next day I did not go to meet Raag. He called me up, but I did not respond. This followed up for next 5 days.

Raag was tensed, so he went to Robin and told about this.

"It's clear Raag. She is ignoring you." Robin said.
"This can't happen. Why would she ignore me?" Raag asked.
"Because now she is fed up of you."
"Raag, she is not interested in you anymore. She is ignoring you, please accept this fact. It is better for you."
"This is just nonsense. She can't do this to me."
"Fine, then keep calling her and let her ignore you and play with your emotions."

Raag did not bother about what Robin said and kept calling me. I thought of meeting him and telling the truth, so I called him after a week.

"Hello." I said.
"Roshni. Thank God you called me. Are you ok? Where are you? I want to meet you." He said.
"I also want to meet you and answer all your questions."
"Can we meet now?"
"Ya, I'll see you at the beach within 15 minutes."

I went to the beach where Raag was already waiting for me.

"Raag." I said.
"Roshni, where have you been?" He asked.

I was unable to answer him. I hugged him tightly.

"Roshni." Someone from behind called me.

I turned back to see and was totally in shock. It was my brother Ronnie standing there. I was clueless about what is going to happen next.
Published: 8/29/2012
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