Woke Up One Distant Morning

A stag do to remember...
Woke up one distant morning,
A vague memory banging in my head,
I could hear the chains a-rattling,
As it tried to free itself from my sodden bed,
I've lost a couple of days somewhere,
Can't recall what I regret.

I rose up with a slurping sound,
The bed clothes sticking to my back,
I clinked my way through the empty bottles,
Telling the memory to cut me some slack,
Yet still it roamed among my thoughts,
Determined that I don't forget.

And so I sat by the kitchen table,
Strong black coffee and a cigarette,
I sipped and inhaled in search of an answer,
No answer was forthcoming yet,
And as I stared blankly out the window,
I noticed it was raining torrents.

As the tree branch swayed on the wind,
Looking for all like a boney hand,
It seemed to be reaching out to grab me,
As if sent to get me by another command,
And I wondered again as the memory probed,
Among the catacombs of torment.

I hung my head toward the floor,
And noticed how dirty it had become,
The grime and filth seemed thick as thieves,
Clinging together as liquid scum,
And a bell rang inside my head then...
What dirty deed did I consent?

My heart sank low and my spirit lower,
As I wracked my brains for an answer,
My breath grew short as pandemonium struck,
And spread like proverbial cancer,
My thoughts, disordered, and fragile,
Scattered their guilty content.

"Why are you running?" My logic asked,
"Do you know what it is that you fear?
"Maybe if we think and work this thing out,
"The truth won't be so hard to bear,"
Wise words, thought I, but is there time,
When the past is hot on my heels?

So I sat in a moment's reminisce,
Trying to decipher my enigma,
How bad could it be that the acts and deeds,
Block all attempts to remember?
Perhaps I should cede my surrender,
To the posse of thoughts on my tail.

The trill of the phone shivered my spine,
As the one thing I least expected,
The sound of that voice brought everything home,
As all of my thoughts recollected,
They tore at me with mocking laughter,
Left my senses naked, unclothed.

She's as sweet as a rose that I'll admit,
But I'm too young to walk the aisle,
But how can I renege on a promise I made,
As held by her in her wondrous smile?
A smile that knows my final thought...
My God, I'm betrothed!
Published: 3/1/2014
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