Woman In Black

This poem is loosely based on a classic ghost story.
She stalks me in the heat of the night,
A silhouette among the shadows,
She dances with the candlelight,
And speaks through my written memos,
I see her spirit in my mirror,
Mocking me with silent whispers,
Gone again with a moment's quiver,
One of these nights she will deliver.

I dread to sleep, I avoid my dreams,
I fear the spectre in the mourning dress,
This woman in black who haunts me,
With her evil, twisted, hellish face,
She comes and goes like a whispered word,
Traveling through the sands of time,
I fear so much, her spoken curse,
As it travels on the howling wind.

I have seen my fate written in her eyes,
It troubles me to know my truth,
If the whispers come again tonight,
They may just whisper to me, my death.
I fear the shadows twilight brings,
To my rooms unguarded boundaries,
And I feel my terror kindling,
Burning, nightmare images.

If only I could lift this curse,
I've tried so hard to break her spell,
But the words I chant just make it worse,
And God won't answer my appeal.
I fear there's no escape for me,
I fear it's her who holds my fate,
For the gypsy girl that I set free,
My fate will be to fill her grave.
Published: 8/23/2010
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