It is only fitting that this piece should be published on International Women's Day (which I did not think existed but I accepted it). Found this in my archives as I wrote this in 2012 for a Women's Seminar held by one of my friends. For all Woman... You are It.
There is a saying that states,
That women who endeavor,
To be equal to men lack ambition,
And I agree.

Created to be our own kind,
How can we sought to be like him,
In the bedding of our womb we carry his fruit,
Call us the vine of life,
As we branch off our Father,
Our main vine we produce the fruit that He seeks.

Being a lady of utmost dignity,
I am not afraid to show that this is me,
Feminism no longer exists in my world,
Quite frankly I think all men should be sold.

I have the gift of being whatever I dream to be,
I have the privilege to live in a day such as this,
Where opportunities are made by my domestic hands,
Fed by the spoon of my intellect,
Washed by my words of wisdom,
And hung up as experiences by the people,
That follow my pilgrimage.

I do not dare to make myself better,
Than the person next to me,
Often this world relies on their tongues,
To prophesy that they are magnificent,
And never their works to transform,
Those of the non-innocent.

We rely on a person of the future,
To formulate an anecdote for our problems,
Not realizing that the anecdote,
Is our hearts to the problem that is us,
No, we need not another person to feed,
The lives in our lives.

As we sit around and wait,
Our Author awaits as He writes the book of our lives,
How can he carry on reverently,
When it is our knees that struggle to bend.

The mistaken view of weakness,
Is of a woman who succumbs,
To living her life with her head down on her knees,
But the strongest woman,
Who has ever crawled on this earth,
Is the one who is on her knees,
With her arms raised up to the Heavens,
And Her Creator in her heart,
Telling her that all has been done by Him.

She knows that the business world is her playground,
And being CEO is just sitting on the swing,
The easy breeze splashing through her hair,
No worries of the world’s unknowns,
Her stature can take it all,
Proverbs 31 was a foretelling of her life,
No person in her family dare need,
To even imagine feeling cold or having hunger.

An angel to her husband,
Her being is what makes him a King,
Her presence heals every life she encounters,
Her love reflects that of Jesus to the lost, beaten and defeated,
Yes, a woman is many things and all things,
Not impossible because she is possible,
A woman that is you and me.
Published: 3/11/2013
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