Women Jokes

Chattier, funnier, meaner, crankier...that's how they say women are. Here we bring you a collection of women jokes, some plain funny, some naughty, some 'cranky', some silly...perhaps just like women are! Read on.
The Top 10 reasons why a handgun is better then…
Men and women both send out men jokes, and it's about time more women sent out women jokes (instead of getting stupidly offended at them, note men rarely get offended at men jokes)!
Men and God
Good joke...for us girls
A women’s prayer
A women goes to bed at night...
How Men And Women Change Oil
Women: Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 since...
How To Impress...
PMS Light Bulb Joke
How many women with PMS does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Top 10 Things Only Women Understand
Why it's good to have five pairs of black shoes.
What Women Know About Men
What is the thinnest book in the world?
Chemical Analysis Of Women
Element: woman - Symbol: Wo Discoverer: Adam
An attractive woman from New York was driving through a remote part of Texas when her car broke down.
Women's T-Shirt Sayings
Don't piss me off! I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.
52 Reasons To Have A Beer Over A Woman
You can enjoy a beer all month long.
The Truth About Wives
The following statements were proven as completely true by a panel of distinguished men (who were immediately clubbed to death by their wives).
Understanding Women
At long last... The Men’s Guide to what a woman really means when she says something.
Why Coffee Is Better Than Women
You don’t have to put cream in your coffee to make it taste good.
Women's Training Courses
And for those of us who are sick of the man-bashing jokes, it's her turn now...
The Creation of Woman
One day, after a near eternity in the Garden of Eden, Adam calls out to God, "Lord, I have a problem."
Some Very Bright Women
I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb...
Warning: Beer Contains Female Hormones
Yesterday, scientists for Health Canada suggested that men should take a look at their...
Good Girls Vs Bad Girls
Good girls say "thanks for a wonderful dinner"... Bad girls say, "what’s for breakfast?"
15 Laws For Women To Live By
Don’t imagine you can change a man - unless he’s in diapers.
Mother - Daughter Bonding
Women prefer the simple things in life...like men.
Job Interview: Polish Blonde
A young blonde polish woman walks in for a...
Hired Help
A painting contractor was speaking with a woman about her...
Punished For Something That I Didn't Do
One day a little girl came home from...
The Perfect Day for Her
A woman's dream...
Three Wishes
One day a little girl was walking down the sidewalk on her way to school...
For the Guys
It doesn't matter that I am a women, I still find these women-bashing jokes hilarious! you might too!
Blond Men for a change
Dumb blonde men, and one damn smart woman.