Words and Thoughts

Sounds like a proverb.
A standstill... in time and place...
Meditation... making my mind space...
Temptation... to lose my progress and fall from grace...

What's left? When disaster leaves and comes back again and again,
What's to gain? When any gratification cannot compensate the pain.

When Words flutter and fail, continually...
We forget words that are tried and true, habitually...
Treating truth like tall tales,
Eventually, true love's coffin...
We will put in the nails.

A man's worth, a woman's care,
Truth hurts and life will leave your back beaten bare but...
Better still, than having knives of lies,
With skin peel from families traitorous with no venal,
Wounds that will never heal.

Find the one who can find sun rays on the darkest of days,
An aura of positivity, potently present,
A Valorous vibration resonates in their creation,
Their valiant soul is evident.

Forged in fires of fortitude,
They are tried and true, benevolent,
A smile is always intimate with their face,
Words hurt them and they may fall...
But they will still stand straight, shinning, strong and tall.
What trait do you possess?
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Published: 8/20/2018
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