Words Of Truth

A man's worth is his word and his word is his worth.
No tantalizing talk around me, not anymore.
Show me what words can really be,
Walk on water.

Get wet first,
Before you can promise me the world.
Show your works,
Give me faith for this bliss before it's occurred.

Weather the storm,
With clothes torn,
Passionately, unmatched.
Press on me, till I can't Breathe, till we break the glass.

Give me conviction,
Gladly, I'll listen.
I want your word,
To be as assured,
As the truth itself.

Make love never-end,
Need no intermission.
Flaunt me as yours and I'll never second guess the third.
Us, me, or yourself.
Girls give me your number?
Text me with your name and what a big fan you are of me.
I'll be waiting...
Published: 9/20/2018
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