Words To You

A love poem for someone special.
Words are like water,
They flow perennially throughout the year,
They don't have borders,
And can make life easy and fair.

Words can make a mind drift away,
Or make it come to life after miseries,
They can also move those who are insane,
Can make good friends worst enemies.

Words can bridge any gap,
Through conversations on various devices,
They can make lost love find help,
And the two can eternally cherish.

I have come to terms with my mouth,
And my heart dwells to control my lips,
It's ok to puke words that will build,
An everlasting house with peace.

And yes, words are like building materials,
Brick after brick, a shelter can be made,
For my relationship it has born for instance,
And words I appreciate because we still grow strong.

But be careful because words can break the love,
And broken hearts take time to heal,
Yet, it can mend such a broken heart,
And make the love even more real.
Did it touch you?
Published: 10/6/2012
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