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No thoughts really just allowing the words to flow...
You took a rock,
Fueled it up,
Then set it on fire,
Because of the heat it generated,
You flung it deep into space.

You marveled at how brightly it shined,
And decided to call it the sun,
Because it brought a smile on your face.

You then took another rock,
And allowed it to absorb the rays of the sun,
You saw that the two always fought,
And knew they couldn't share the same space.

That's when you devised a plan,
To separate them,
You called the space,
The sun occupied the light,
Because of the other rocks soft glow,
You named it the moon,
And told it to watch after the darkness.

All I am trying to say is that,
If you can take two rocks,
That had no real value,
And put them to good use,
Then surly father,
There is something I can do.

I have opened ears, a ready heart,
A willing mind, in addition to feet,
That awaits your guidance,
Lord all you have to do is speak,
And I'll let your word direct me.

I am not asking to be the sun,
Or to take the place of the moon,
My request is simply to be used by you.
Published: 12/2/2013
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