Yin-Yang is what I could come up with the name. Truthfully I'm not depressed but these words started itching at my chest today. It's not the best but they're words of truth. This poem/lecture type message was written to reach out to those suicidal teens and adults in this world to remind them that even though life is dark right now, there is a light within.
As I wake up again today with a busted lip,
I look outside the dim morning light,
Before the sun even awakens,
But I walk outside with a thorn sticking in my hip,
As the hours go by, I look upon the sky,
And see that the darkness breaks.

Throughout the day,
People appraise me and worship me,
Consider me like a saint,
Down me, laugh at me and forsaken me,
And call me worthless and a failure.

As you can see like yin and yang,
My day consists of both darkness and light,
The will to continue fades,
But even in the darkest of the days,
I find the strength to continue tomorrow's nightmares.

I've been called fake,
I've been called a healer of the sick,
My words reach out to those who listen,
Those who listen to the words,
I speak glisten with a light,
That shines through the darkest night.

Those who ignore the pain,
I preach to live their life,
In denial not realizing, they too have heart gashed with a knife,
No not a physical knife, one much more painful,
One that severs your soul from your body,
An emotional knife that scars,
Deeper than any physical wound with a lustful,
Intent for your pain that makes you stare a depressing melody.

Yin... Yang...
Yin... Yang...

These two words cloud my mind the more the day goes by,
As I cry at night hiding my pain from the world,
I realize to myself before the next morning awakens.

Light... Darkness...
Pain... Life...
Sorrow... Joy...
The life is a eternal balance of both good and bad,
So why waste our time because of small problem?
When we know tomorrow will bring forth a better day?

Open your eyes to light within the darkness,
If you can't see that light...
Then just maybe...
It's not your eyes that are blind,
But your soul that is lost,
But don't give up...
Because if you give up now...
Then tomorrow will never come.

More tears will be cried,
And more darkness will spread,
If you find a light and a will to go on the tomorrow... seek a friend,
And stay with that friend till the end,
One day... you will smile again,
One day you love again,
But please... don't give up.
Published: 3/20/2013
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