You are hurt?!

A caring family..
You are hurt?!
Why don't you blurt?
Talk something?
Tell me everything.
Please speak up.
My blood is rising up.

Please dear mom;
Keep your calm.
It is not that bad.
I was with dad.
There is nothing to worry.
We crossed the road in a hurry.

I thought as much.
Why did you hurry so much?
What did the doctor say?
I will go and pray.
How did this happen?
God, answer my question.

Darling, don't be hyper.
Its' just a minor fracture.
Why do you create a hue and cry?
Please make some finger fry.
Feeding me is your birth right!
Let me hug you tight.

Dad, why did you lie?
Truth will make her die.
If she knows of my heart attack;
Mom will get a rude shock.
Son, it was a minor one.
Let it be known to none.

Let her be chatting and chirpy.
I want her to be happy.
I am her life.
She is proud to be my wife.
I don't want to dampen her spirits.
I love her beyond limits.

Son, you are a major.
Take care of mom, when I am not there.
I will take care.
I am also under medical care.
I must over live mom is my prayer.
I can try and manage without her.

Something is fishy.
Our son's eyes were teary.
Is something serious?
It looks quite obvious.
What are they hiding?
They must not be kidding?

His health is my worry.
My tension makes him worry.
I am trying to be mentally strong.
To the hyper sensitive I belong.
Our son is a cool guy.
Also, a bit too shy.

He does not show.
But we both know.
He cares for us.
His attitude describes it to us.
When he is there;
What do we need to care?
Published: 8/13/2007
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