You Are The Way

Change your perspective about the things you consider not working out and you'll see that there is always a way.
Move away to make a way
Even when you find no way
You don't have to stay
For you may lay and never make it through the way.

Take a way to make a day
For all through the way
You may want to stray
Catch some play.

And never forget to pray
But you may become the prey
If there you want to stay
You don't have to stray away.

When you find no way
For the day have began to give a ray
A ray of hope so don't stray
You can always make a way.

When you take today
To see the shinning ray of hope
Even when it seems your egos are tied with a rope
And you'll say: "There is a way when I look at it this way. Because I am the way."
Published: 6/27/2011
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