You Are Who You Hang Out With

I got the idea when I was reading this book. It's called "Sleeping freshman never lie." Good book. If you are a teenager, check it out.
I was reading a book, in it, one of the lines was "You are who you hang out with"
I put the book aside and thought about it,
And now here I am writing a poem about it,
I realized this is true,
No one is truly original anymore,

But still no one is exactly the same,
But no one is entirely different,
Groups of friends do things the same, It's natural,
I now realize that this is why your parents always say
"Don't hang out with the wrong group"

You are who you hang out with,
You hang out with someone who has a habit,
You gonna catch it,
I have so say I'm an example of this,
I can't say I'm not who I hang out with,

I guess I have some friends who don't always do the right thing
And I don't support that,
And I don't copy what they do,
But I cannot honestly say I haven't picked up habits from them
Even something as simple as talking,

"You is whack"
Yeah, I'm guilty of saying that,
I picked it up from a couple of my friends
You are who you hang out with,
It can be a bad thing

It can be a good thing
Either way it's true
And Everyone is guilty of being who they hang out with
It doesn't mean you're a copycat, or a "byter," or a poser,
You are who you hang out with.
Published: 4/29/2010
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