You Can Never Run

The things we do will always follow us.
Though you run so fast,
You cannot escape from the past,
Evils that'd rather remain dark,
In the closet, they remain stuck,
Appearing when you least expect,
Leaving you in regret.

A drunken brawl at school,
So long forgotten,
Beside the campus pool,
A deed so rotten-
When a position you so envy,
And decide to vie,
Then the skeleton comes out of the closet.

A child fathered out of wedlock,
A story you'd rather not talk,
When you vow to celibacy at the altar,
Then comes up the matter.

Transparency should be the guide,
For only then, you won't have to hide,
Save yourself from embarrassment and shame,
That comes with a bad name-

Walk in the light,
And forever you shall be right!
Published: 4/2/2016
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