You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 10

Here is chapter 10. Enjoy.
Stella's POV

It was morning. I checked the clock, 9:48 am. Suddenly, I heard a noise. A loud noise. It sounded like somebody was rapping my window. I opened my sky blue curtains, and found Zac smiling at me. Then my phone buzzed.

Zac - Meet u in 30 minutes. Nice 'clothes' btw.
Stella - Shut up.
Zac - Meet u in Burger King.
Stella - Sure.

I closed the curtains, and picked my clothes. A black thin coat was taken out, then a pair of silver mirrored leather sandals, along with a 'zebra' design satchel, white and black were all over the bag, then a gray V-neck long-sleeved shirt and black leggings also. And then I washed my hair, blew it dry, and went out.

My stomach was grumbling. I rushed into Burger King.


"Over here!" He was with a group - a mix of cheerleaders, football and basketball players.

I saw Jennifer. I was confused. Jennifer wasn't one of the cheerleaders, so why…

I thought Jennifer saw me frowning, "Well, Stella, Zac invited me here since he knew I am your bestie."


"Stella, I think you know me." I was shocked. It's…him?!


Next time, it would be a longer chapter.
Published: 4/10/2013
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