You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 11

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Stella's POV


"Hey Isaac, stop it!" I yelled at him.
"No, no." Isaac taunted.

We were 13, his playful eyes were deep brown in color. His brown hair was messy, giving a 'bad boy' effect.

Isaac was my first boyfriend....

I stopped letting my thoughts wander. He was, now, a basketball player, also a player in school. That's how we broke up...

"Yes, I know you." I exclaimed quietly.


Zac's POV

I saw that basketball player Isaac's eyes wandering over Stella, not only her face, but also her body.

Fury burned in my veins. A cheerleader, Sarah, knew what I'm going to do. But she stopped me.

"Zac," she gave me a knowing look. I looked down, not wanting to meet her eyes.
"So, Stella, do you want something to eat? Or, just stand here with Isaac?"
"I'm going with you." Stella said.

The crowd of cheerleaders, basketball players and football players left, all except Isaac Woods, I groaned.


Stella's POV

"Leave, Isaac," I said firmly.
"If you regret it, you could also leave... with me." He lowered his eyes, then went on his way. What I truly regret, is that I chose him as my first boyfriend.



I woke up to my buzzing phone.
Zac - Wake up, hm?
Stella - Just up.
Zac – Okay.

I put my hair into a bun, then dialed to Tracy.
"Hey Tracy."
"Oh Stella! I thought you've forgotten about the party."
"So the party starts at 8 pm. In the new club, 'Flame Flickering'. See ya there!"
"Wait, whose party is it?"
"Mr. Woods' party."
"Okay, so bye."

"Good luck. Want advice on what you're wearing to the party?"
"Sure, and makeup? Please?"
"Yes, I'm free."
"So, see you in my house at 4 pm. Okay?"


That night...

Tracy came over, and we went shopping. I got a green gown and some cosmetics. The gown was V-neck, down to my thighs, float at the end. Awesome!

Tracy wore a short red dress. After done with my makeup, she went to Tanya's room.

She took some golden eye shadow, and applied it gently on my eyes. Pink lip gloss and a black Gucci purse came along. She made my hair into big bouncy curls, unlike the waves I'm used to. At the end, she let me look into the mirror.

When Tracy left, I locked the door and went to washroom. Suddenly, my bedroom door opened. I slipped into my silver heels, then went out.

I swirled around, in front of Tanya.
"So, how do I look?" I asked.
"Sexy." Before she replied, someone said.
"Wait, this is a guy's voice." I turned around.
"Don't tell me that it's Zac...," I pleaded, "please..."

Zac... sitting on my bed!

"So, why are you sitting on my bed, hm?"
"Waiting for you, Stella." He smiled, that trademark smile.


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Published: 4/15/2013
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