You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 12

Sorry for the delay. Short chapter.
Zac's POV

Stella looked stunning.

I, Stella, and her sister, Tanya were going to club. When we all sat in the car and I closed my car door, then we drove off. I winked at Stella, making her blush like a pink rose.


Stella's POV

My heart fluttered, when Zac winked at me.

When I saw Tanya, we both said, "You look gorgeous!" Then we laughed together.

Tanya was wearing a lake-blue dress which matched her eyes. And silver heels completed her look.

"You just look like our mother when she was young," Tanya said in awe.
"Thanks." I smiled.

When our car arrived at the club, Tracy and her current boyfriend were leaving. I found myself staring at her boyfriend. He had black hair, with sapphire eyes, and shiny teeth... Jacob.


Zac's hand slipped into mine. Gently, his hand twisted mine, I grinned and found his lips against mine. I didn't hesitate, for the first time, and put my hands around his waist. I caressed his locks, deepening the kiss. When he smiled at me, I pulled away breathlessly.


Zac's POV

Her soft lips, so full, making me never wanted to let go. I put my hand around her waist and led her into the club…
Published: 4/20/2013
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