You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 14

What happened to Tanya and Jennifer's friendship? Why does Tanya hate Jennifer so much? And more about Stella in this chapter. Comment replies (Chapters 11-13) are below the chapter. Enjoy.
Stella's POV

I opened my eyes, panting for breath. What I remembered from last night, was some guy kissed me hard and I tried to push him away, but I couldn't. Then I was tied with a blindfold over my eyes, a gag covering my mouth. Then I was here. Chocolate brown eyes stared at me. I tried to move around my hands and escape, but due to no avail.

"You finally woke up."
"Who are you?" I said. The room was painted white and eerily quiet. A tiny window was in the right corner side of the room.
"I'm Jesse." The guy looked like he aged 17 or 18. I wanted to get away, in my home under the warm covers, with Zac alright, sleeping.


Zac's POV

An urgent phone call broke my sweet dream of me and Stella.
"Zachary Johnson, right?"
"If you want your precious Stella Collins back, put 3-million into a trash can, and we'll find your money. Put it at sunset. Clear?"
"What happened to Stella?" A bad feeling crept up to my chest.
"Put the money in a trash can." The line was cut.


Stella's POV

After Jesse made a phone call to Zac, I asked him, "How did you know my name?"
"I have my resources, Stella." He smiled.
I wished that I had worn something thick. I was shivering, since a cold draught of air blew around the room. I hope Zac's alright. I want him by my side. Tanya, Jennifer, Karl... hope that you're all okay.


Tanya's POV

I woke up with a phone call.
"Tanya Collins, right?"
"Yes. What's the matter?"
"Stella Collins has been kidnapped by me. If you want her back, give me 3-million and leave it in the trashcan by your door."
"When will I need to give the money to you?"
"At three pm."
"Okay. Bye." My voice was shaking. I dashed up to Stella's room. She wasn't there. Shock and fear made me shiver.

I dialed to Tracy.
"Hey Tracy, I need your help."
"What happened, Tanny?"
"Tracy, Stella got kidnapped by a guy. I don't know what he's doing to her. He needs me to give 3-million and put it in a trash can."
"Tanny, can I come over?"
"Are you okay?"
"Well..." Tears rolled down my face, "I don't know. Please come quickly."
"Okay, Tanny, I'm coming!"
"Bye, Tracy."
"You too, Tanny."


Jennifer's POV

"Put 2-million into the trash can in the park now." A cold, icy voice said.
"Okay." I can't bear to think how much danger Stellz is in.
I dashed down to my house, seeing Tanya, her blue eyes unforgiving.
"Bitch." Tanya's eyes flashed with unforgotten anger. She glared at me, Tracy beside her.
I walked on quickly, hoping that this would end. She was once my best friend.


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Chapter 12

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Chapter 11

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Published: 7/19/2013
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