You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 2

The new neighbors - The Johnson. The next chapter would be longer.
Stella's POV

I grabbed my coat and Tanny took the choc chip cookies. Over the Johnson, I pressed the doorbell.

"Coming!" A young voice shouted.
"Hello." A girl, about 7 or 8 years old opened the door.
"Hello, we're your new neighbors. Can you give these cookies to your mom?"
"Sure." Her face lit up.
"What's your name? How old are you?"
"My name is Daphne, and I'm 7 years old."
"Oh, really? I thought that you were 16 years old!" She smiled.
"No, I'm not, but my brother Zack is." I inwardly groaned. This guy is the same age as me.

"Where's your mom? I would like to talk to her."
"Yes, Daffy. What's the matter?"
"Mommy, they're the new neighbors."
"Hello. My name is Rachel Johnson. And you are..."
"My name's Stella Collins, and this is my twin, Tanya. We've bought cookies."
"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Johnson." Tanya said.
"Well, you're twins? You two don't look anything alike. Now, let me introduce my son, Zachary Johnson." Mrs. Johnson turned around into the house and yelled, "Zachary Johnson! Come out! The new neighbors are here!" Zachary came out shirtless.

He's good-looking but I would know his personality soon to see if I could rely on him. Then I blushed. I know, my face must look like a pink stained rose. Zachary noticed and winked at me. I gave him an eye roll.

He said, "Hey ladies, my name's Zachary, but you can call me Zac."
Mrs. Johnson said to Zachary, "Zachary, go get a t-shirt. Be quick, I want you and Daffy to show these two around the house."
"Sure, Mom." He gave me a wink again. I looked away... Flirt.

Soon after, he came back. He was wearing a tight gray t-shirt which showed his six-pack. I tried to pretend that I didn't see it.
"So, Daffy would be taking Tanya around the house. I'm taking Stella." Zachary said, eagerly.

Daffy and Tanya walked away, while Mrs. Johnson doesn't seem to realize that her son was flirting with me. Sigh.

"Ladies first," he said, bowing.
"That's so fake, Zachary." I exclaimed, acting shocked.
"That's cruel." He said, laughing. Gosh. His laugh was cute.

When we got into the house, he said, "The whole house, including my bedroom, is going to be taken for you."


Zac's POV

"Did you date before?" I asked, smiling. I can't believe that I'm asking this. She's just...
"Yes, but I'm hard-to-get, so not much." Stella said, winking.
"Is that a challenge?" I asked.
"No." She said, looking towards the photos.
"Game on." I said.


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Published: 4/2/2013
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