You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 3

First day of school.
Stella's POV

First day of school. My phone rang. I cringed and looked at the clock. 55 minutes to go. I got dressed in a white button-up shirt and black leggings, applied pink lip gloss, tied my hair in a ponytail, wore a necklace shaped like a star, took my brown leather jacket from the hanger then went downstairs. I made myself a mug of coffee, slowly sipped it. 30 minutes to go. I slipped in my black converse high tops. Tanya must have left early. Seeing there's not much time left, I jumped into my red Scion TC.

"Hey Stellz." I looked at my right. "Tracy? When did you return?"
"Well, just recently. Yesterday in fact." Tracy Rivers, Tanya's best friend said. A slim girl looked at me.
"Does Tanya know?"
"She knew, so she went out early to meet me."
"Know any parties?"
A smile crept to her face. "You still remember!"
"Yes, you're the party person, aren't ya? Back to the question, Tracy."
"Oh yeah, I know one not far from here, there's a party next Sunday. Everybody at our school would be going. Even Jennifer Tanner."
"Um, don't you know..."
"Yeah, but Tanya isn't going to miss out a party. If she does, I'm not letting it pass over!"
We laughed until we reached school.


Tracy's POV

I nudged Stellz. "What, Tracy?"
"Look. See that guy over there? Know him?"
"Oh sure. He's new. Zachary Johnson. My neighbor. What? You like him?"
"He's cute, right?" I gazed at him. With dirty blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, he's surely on top of my list.
"This guy is a huge flirt. If I were you, I'd stay away from him, Tracy."
"Oooh, you like him!" I smirked.
"What? Are you seriously, like, joking?!" Her eyes widened.
Zac walked over. "Hey Stella. And you are..."
"I'm Tracy Rivers."
"Hey Zachary." Stella said.
Zac walked with Stella, while I was left in the cold. No hope left now...


Zac's POV

I walked with Stella, at the same time flirting with her.
I winked at Stella. She rolled her eyes.
I couldn't help by noticing her lips. Her lips were tinted pink, matching her green eyes, as vivid as forest green...
I leaned over, while she closed her eyes, making her look more perfect than ever.
I kissed her.
Published: 4/2/2013
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