You Don't Know My Feelings For You - Chapter 6

The new guy Jake is getting in good terms with Stella. What about Zac? I'll reply to your comments later.
Stella's POV

Jake is sitting right next to me in Science lesson.
"Hey Stella, care to see me after school?"
"Sure, Jake."

Gosh. I suddenly remembered Zachary. He won't mind, right?


Zac's POV

Stella is chatting with Jacob. I was grumpy. Why? It's nothing, I told myself.
But I don't really believe that voice within my head.
Rumors spread so quickly around the school.
A friend, Caleb said, "Hey Zac, I heard that Stella is going to meet Jacob after school at Stella's car. Aren't you going?"
"What? I didn't know about that." What were they chatting?
"If I were you, Zac, I would get your girl jealous."
"Simple. Get a girl."
Maybe not. But it's worth a try.
"Good job! I'll help you to find one now."
Five minutes later, I found myself standing in front of a girl I knew, Skye Hills. She was shy, mysterious but nice and pretty girl.

"Hey Skye, nice to meet you."
"Hey Zac."
"So, come over here." I took her to a closet.
"Well, let's make a deal. You pretend to be my girlfriend, the same goes for me."
"You know why. But don't tell Stella."

The bell rang, I went to my next lesson.
Skye was beside me, and I tried to flirt with her. But I can't. So I kissed her.


Stella's POV

Wait. Why was Skye sitting on my seat? And Zac next to her?
What?! They...
I said firmly, "Skye, I think you're sitting on the wrong seat."
"Oh yes. Sorry."
I bared my teeth and tried not to say anything.
She went away to her next lesson instead.

Mr. Woods came in. He started by saying, "So, we are doing a project. So the simplest way to get you into groups is to partner the person next to you." I groaned.
Zachary said, "Well, Stella, you're with me."
"I just wish that I was sitting with Jake." I said, rolling my eyes.
He looked hurt.
"I was just joking." I said, smirking.
"So, I'm coming to your house."
"Okay." I said.

After school, I met Jake and Zachary. They held angry looks.
"Why did you ask Zachary to come? I thought that it was just you and me."
"And how would Jacob come? Yeah, I won't mind, right?"
Their looks melted. Strange. They now held sweet smiles.
That's really strange.

"So, Jake, see you tomorrow." I said with a smile.
"Sure." He said.
Do you like it?
I'm not sure.
I'll need to read more chapters to know the answer.
Published: 4/4/2013
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