You Gave Me Death..

I wrote this to a person I hold so deep in my heart.. but she doesn't seem to care at all, and I'm sick of that so this is how I feel.
I couldn't take another day I couldn't take another breath I was full of the shit you put me through
F*CK YOU! That's the word I want 2 tell you F*CK YOU!
You messed up my life thank you a lot!
All I ever gave you was EVERYTHING!
That wasn't enough was it?? But it seems that you got what you wanted in the end anyway!
See I'm dying here?? You happy right?!
You took my life from me!
Wish I never meet a bitch like you don't deserve anyone! Your fake smiles
Your fake words...
SERIOUSLY how dear you to see yourself in the mirror every morning with the memories of hurting someone soo much?
The cuts on my arm are deep but the cuts in my heart are deeper and you know what?!?
It's all because of you!
Oh poor you! You didn't get to see me suffer those last minutes in my life
Sometimes I wish I wasn't the one lying here on the floor all surrounded by my own blood..
Published: 12/28/2008
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