You Have No Clue

Do you want to know?
My friends at school

Don’t know me

They only see

What I want them to see

I’m just a mask

A lie, a game

But then I go home

And nothings the same

My face goes from smiling

To an unhappy glare

My eyes are like ice

Fixed in an unforgiving stare

I’m stuck in a box

Locked in a cage

School is an act

The world is my stage

I sit I’m my room

Alone on my bed

And try to ignore

The thoughts in my head

I bite my lip

Blink away my tears

Home is a place

Where I can’t show my fears

Time after time

Comes a feeling of dread

I walk into my house...

God, I wish I was dead
What did you think?
it's ok
like it
love it
want some more of it
hate it
it's just scribbles to me
Published: 11/27/2008
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