You Matter To Me

This one's for all you guys out there who allow a stumble and a fall in life pin you down. Come on...there's more to life than the nasty images that pass you by. The winner may take it all, but who decides where the game ends? You are beautiful.
Don't bother to explain your cause and beg for pardon from an insensitive soul
You matter to me and I hardly care if you've got shame or blame within your bowl.

Why do you need to justify to all, and prove that you have changed your ways?
Make amends to yourself and deep within and welcome new and sunny days.

They are insensitive from praise and power and status and self-proclaimed 'name'
It's not their fault...its their attitude that makes them play a one-sided selfish game.

You are not bad, how can you be, if you are a reflection of His own sight
You are simply soiled from a nasty fall and a hasty, misdirected flight.

Get up, get up, the worst that you can ever do to insult yourself and die
Is reek of self pity and succumb to pressures when on the bed you lie.

You are made of stuff that's pure power waiting to leave the magic wand
You are the master of your destiny, does the lotus mind the muddy pond?
By Gaynor Borade
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