You Mean the World to Me

A short poem, written about my beautiful, wonderful, amazing girlfriend. We thought we just met a while ago, but turns out, our fathers worked together, and me and her used to hangout when we were around 7 years old.
There's an angel here upon us,
Babe can you guess who?
This angel means a lot,
To me that angels You.

That twinkle in your eye,
The glisten in your smile,
I love it all so much.

Cuddling on the couch,
Your hand on my chest,
With you in my life,
My heart aches put to rest.

There's something special about you,
Something you can't hide,
Your beauty is on the outside,
It's also deep inside.

You mean the freaking world to me,
And I would hate to let you go,
I don't ever wanna be apart,
For this I surely know.
Published: 5/8/2012
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