You See... I Have a Dream

Go ahead and read.
You see, I have a dream,
And in my dream you burn to ashes,
In front of me you cry and scream,
I know it may sound extreme,
But this is my wish, this is my dream.

You know I have this way of talking,
To someone who's already dead,
Inside of you there is no life,
Inside your heart there is nothing,
You know this is my way of talking,
To someone who is so plain stupid.

To you there is no other world,
If you want pain, you found your cure,
Maybe I'm crazy but you know,
That I'm right up to the limit,
It all may sound a bit obscure,
But you know that I've been sure,
Of everything you have ever been.

I stepped in the wrong place,
I set myself on fire,
Don't think that I ever regret,
What I did or what I said,
To all my hatred you put a base,
Don't think you won't regret.
Should I write a poem that would continue this one?
Yeah, why not?
No, don't bother...
Published: 5/30/2012
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