You Showed No Sympathy To Me

A bitter little story of told-you-so misery.
I hear your nights are long and your heart is sad,
They say the tears you cry fall long and hard,
And your soul is shivering,
Well that's too bad,
You showed no sympathy to me!

I see your spirit's fighting with a ghost,
Trying to erase the memories from the past.
Well now, I'm glad you lost the one you loved the most.
You showed no sympathy to me!

They say the moon streaks cold through your window,
They say the light's petered out on your last candle.
Well I can't exchange sympathies for your sorrow,
You showed no sympathy to me!

I know the shadows can bring gloom and cold,
And I know the darkness can penetrate a soul,
I have endured the absence, wandering lost and alone,
You showed no sympathy to me!

I won't laugh as you cry, I see no point in that,
I may even shed a tear when I'm behind your back,
'Cause I know the pain you're going through,
That's matter of fact,
But you showed no sympathy to me!
Published: 2/9/2012
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