You Want Her...

Hope you will enjoy it.
You will never be that satisfied,
You will always search and not find,
Because you just want her perfect,
And humans are not perfect.

You only think of your own happiness,
Even if you get it from other's sadness,
You just want to get that special girl,
When you don't deserve that girl.

You want her to be tall like uee,
But there is no such a girl as uee,
You want her wild like yun une hye,
And shy like park shine hye,
You want her breathtaking like yuna,
But trust me all you can get is sina.

You want her with Beyonce's voice,
But you'll get a girl full of noise,
You want her blonde like meroe,
But even Google will give you "oh?",
You want a girl as Alba's body,
But if you're looking for that,
You'll find nobody.

You want her calm like Faten Hamama,
With Arabic voice of Dounia Batma,
You want her rich like Oprah Winfrey,
So you can live for free,
You want her as Marie Curie genius,
And like Hollywood star famous.

But you aren't handsome like tom cruise,
Not a rich with Chevrolet cruise,
Not as David Beckham blonde,
Not like someone hard to found,
Not calm as Zine Eddine Zidane,
Not a good rapper like Eminem.

You are not funny like Gad (Gad Elmaleh),
Not even famous like Brad (Brad Pitt)
Not even smart like Steve Jobs,
Even if you made it to ten jobs.
Published: 4/3/2014
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