You Will Come to Know...

Well I'm new to Buzzle, and it is my first poem. I hope you all will like it. It's about the longing felt by a Girl for the one she loves, but to whom she never confessed her love.
Days, and now months have gone by,
All that I still do is lie.

I lie that I don't love anyone,
But the truth is that I do love someone.

I lie that there is no person I care about,
But there is someone for whom I cry my eyes out.

I say that we are just friends, but that's a lie too,
I love you too much but don't know what to do!

I love you, can't you understand that by looking into my eyes,
Can't you distinguish the truth from my lies!

I never told you about my feelings, not because I'm weak,
I am just afraid of the words you may speak to me.

I'm afraid that you would say that you dislike me,
I'm afraid that you would say that you hate me and never liked me.

I know I'm not good enough for you,
But I can always wish for you.

When you are happy, I find myself in a paradise,
Your sadness makes me feel the darkness just before sunrise.

One day, you will come to know that I love you,
That the most precious thing in my life were you.

I don't know when will that day come,
What that ordinary day would become.

But I know that the day would arrive too,
As I would have, by then accepted my fate.

I will be very far away,
I won't be with you that day.

It's for you whom I crave,
But alas! When you will come to know, I would be in my grave.

When you come to know, don't blame yourself for my death,
Just remember that I loved you till my last breath.
Did you like it?
I loved it.
It's ok.
You can write better.
Hate it!
Published: 4/23/2012
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