You... You Are Me

This is my first poem that I am publishing. Please comment.
They tell me it was my imagination,
That ghosts don't really exist,
If only they could see you now,
Standing right in front of me.

I wish that you weren't dead right now,
I'd like to hold you tight,
But the fact that you are friend, not foe,
Makes me happy all the same.

I sit by your grave, crying,
With flowers in my hand,
Your ghost is standing by my side,
Wishing you could stop the tears.

Now it's time for you to leave,
I won't see you but in my dreams,
I trust your judgment,
And your faith in me.

I'll make you proud,
I know who you are now,
You... You are me.
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It seemed too sad
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Could've been better
Published: 9/21/2013
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