Your Birthday Cuisine

A beautiful birthday poem for a beautiful friend, Oyekunle Ibukunoluwa Esther.
Ravishing and stunning;
Striking and dazzling;
Graceful and shinning;
God’s bountiful blessing.

Esther of our kind;
Favor streamlined;
Saved and refined.

God’s blessing to the globe;
Molded and framed as a Nob,
Clad in an opulent Robe,
To be God’s Earthly strobe.

Many days might have rolled,
Like the Pacific Ocean in a fold,
But your bliss today will be untold,
Just be satisfied and be bold.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy time, and happy you;
That gleeful happiness that is due,
Is what I wish plus God’s gifts too.
Published: 6/1/2016
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