Your Own Choir

A fanfare to all the world's arrogant politicians who fail to heed the words of their electorate.
And dare I express myself with a point of view?
Am I allowed to share an anecdote or two?
Or would my opinion simply spoil the mood?
And will it soar the cocktail in your hand?

I have watched you laugh with your humorless friends,
As you smile at each other in a game of pretense,
And you think you're so clever, so intelligent,
But you lack simple logic to understand.

Arrogant cronies who'd soon as stab you in the back,
With their dog-eat-dog attitude attack,
I'm sure that's not a virtue you're likely to lack,
As you lie through your teeth with the best of them.

It must be hard to smile, spewing verbal diarrhea,
All those worthless promises you've made down the years,
The lies, the contempt, the snotters, and the tears.
A rehearsed stage-show. A pied-piper's lament.

'Kow-tow and comply, it'll make your lives easier.'
But your sleekit smile could never be cheesier,
And how can we trust one who's fingers are greasier,
Than a masseur's in a Turkish bath house?

As you dislodge our freedom in your fear propaganda,
Some of us have wizened to your desperate agenda,
Your suppression of freedom, you cannot defend, sir,
And we will not conform to your madhouse!

With that said, I shall dare to express my point of view,
For I'm wise to your antics, too long in the tooth,
To listen to the pish that lacks proverbial truth,
That spills from the lips of a compulsive liar.

You cannot keep blaming us for your failures,
As the sword of Damocles brings an uncertain future,
'Twas your hand that put the pen to the paper,
And your dirge will be sung by your own choir!
Published: 8/11/2014
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