Your shadow is your wife....

When you married your wife
you have promised her to take care till you end
Marriage is a fulfillment of dreams
With these promised dreams she stepped in your
house as a beautiful wife
She held your hands with her dreams
She gave her heart to you with love and faith
She walked along with you when you had hard time
She gave you everything whatever she had
Today you made her dreams shuttered
Today you made her heart suffer with pain of love
Today you made her walk along with pain and struggle
Today you made her eyes dim with salty tears
Today Your unfaithfulness made her life miserable
Today you live without her love and shadow
Today your heart is refusing to accept her as a wife
But one day you will realize her value and her faithful love
when you struggle with your pain and the agony that make you handicap.
On that day you will realize your wife is your shadow that holds on you

Copyright ©2003 Ravi Sathasivam (Sri Lanka)
Published: 1/31/2007
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