Your Voice- A Song Of Sweet, Loving Death..

Umm, I'm way not over my ex yet... but this is the only way I can let my frustration out... please just comment
Under your spell..

You made me believe the lies you held under.

You took away my soul and mind to use it to your own advantage.

How can you be so cruel?

But even in my anger I'm under your spell.

Like rose petal glasses, I only see your beauty.

Your siren voice sings a song..
A song of sweet, loving death

My breathe is leaking but I still feel good enough for you.

You torture me so sweetly but I can't let this go..

Can't wake from this dream.

Because I couldn't say no to you.

You made me feel good for once in my life.

Your velvet kiss of death kills me softly.

How can I say no to you..

Your claimed your prize..
My heart

But let it drop to the ground.

Let it drown in its sorrow..

You don't care at all..

Though now your gone.. I wish your still here,

Though now I'm free I’m nothing without you..

Wishing something that I can never have.
Published: 5/20/2008
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