You’re In My Thoughts

Love is beautiful, love is grand.
I find it impossible to not notice you,
When you walk into a room
My breath catches,
My heart races,
And I can’t help but smile .
At how you can lift my day
The way you light up a room.

When you smile at me
With your beautiful smile,
And your sexy eyes,
My mouth goes dry.
My head spins
I cant help but smile back.
My heart and soul scream out for you as one
I want you forever and ever,
Happily ever after.

And then we kissed,
I remember that kiss like it was yesterday.
The softness of your lips,
The way you bit my lip,
You feel so perfect in my arms.
Like an angel straight from heaven above,
Your cheeky open eyes looking at me as we kissed.

When you’re away,
You’re in my thoughts
You’re in my Heart
You’re in my dreams.

For Love, let's risk it all.
Published: 2/22/2012
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