You're the One!!! (Thank You)

This is a poem of thanks to all the things my dad have done for me... Please write comments! Thanks!!
You taught me many things
Like how much happiness life brings
You taught me to be strong
To face the truth, to correct the wrong.

You showed me how to care
To value what you vow and swear
You showed me the way where to go
Learning all things I wanna know.

You brought me to reality
To the world without much misery
You brought me to a real paradise
That my heart saw even without my eyes.

Thanks for all the things you've done
All I can say is that "You're the one"
Thanks to you as my caring father
And with you I feel so much better.

Thanks dad for loving me
For the care and advise to stay lively
Thanks to you for always being there
And I promise to be in your side forever!
Published: 2/28/2011
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