Yuletide Bliss

The spirit of Christmas is more than the exchange of gifts and greetings. The example of the Superstar is to be lived in deed and not simply preached off the pulpits. He was born that we may live.
The birth of a star and the winds of change
That brought joy to the world centuries ago;
Marked for us new spectrum, a wider range,
To rejuvenate soul, earning friend from foe.

It doesn't take much, in fact the stage is set,
When Yuletide is welcomed year after year;
To dispel abhor, loving intent aid and abet,
The air of doubt and gloom willingly clear.

There is no time like jocund Christmas time,
The time for holly, Rudolph, bells and tree;
The time for celebration and festive rhyme,
Of congeniality and tasteful shopping spree.

It comes with a bang and leaves a yearning,
There's never enough of the goodies around;
So instead of making it an annual learning,
Soak in blissful spirit to every day abound.

Christmas greetings and stockings and prayer,
Are with a message, not just a mistletoe kiss;
It is the time to show true love, genuine care,
And unite beyond boundary in Yuletide bliss.
By Gaynor Borade
Bouquets and Brickbats