Zodiac Cancer Tattoos

As the name suggests, Zodiac Cancer tattoos are for those born under this Zodiac sign. This article will give you more information and ideas on Zodiac tattoo designs for Cancer sign. Read on.
Astrology and Zodiac signs have been mesmerizing people since a long time. Even today, millions of people all around the world believe in this science. Some staunch believers of astrology even proudly flaunt their Zodiac sign in the form of charms, bracelets or lockets. However, the latest fad in this field are the Zodiac tattoos. One must be aware that tattoo is a form of art where different designs and symbols are drawn on the body with the help of indelible ink. Tattoos can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. But here we will see more on permanent tattoos. If you believe in astrology and wish to flaunt it forever artistically, then the Zodiac tattoo is just for you. Among the 12 Zodiac signs, here we will see more on Zodiac tattoos for the Cancer sign.

Zodiac Cancer Tattoos
People born between 22nd June to 22nd July belong to the Cancer Zodiac sign. It is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the moon and symbolized by the crab. Individuals born under this sign portray qualities similar to their Zodiac symbol. Similar to the crab, Cancer individuals appear tough on the exterior but deep inside they are very loving, caring and sympathetic. Cancer individuals are also very touchy, clinging and fiercely protective. They are also inclined towards arts and hence, are more likely to go for tattooing. Zodiac Cancer tattoos are made by individuals born under this sign, however, one may even find some individuals who have a Cancer tattoo made in memory of their loved ones.

Zodiac Cancer Tattoo Designs
One may assume that there are fewer options of designs available in case of tattoo designs of Zodiac signs, which is untrue! On the contrary, one has numerous options for Zodiac Cancer tattoo designs. Let us have a look.

The Crab
As the crab is the symbol of Cancer Zodiac sign, it is obviously the most popular and best option for Cancer tattoos. You can either have the crab made in its original form, like its actually appears, or have an abstract art made that symbolizes the crab. Secondly, the crab can either be made in attractive colors or one can go for the simple black or navy blue color. Also, the silhouette of the crab is also a unique Cancer tattoo design. Apart from the regular ones, you can even go for the tribal crab tattoo designs, they are also very popular these days. If you wish to add some spice to your tattoo, you can draw eyes and other facial features to your crab tattoo. The crab tattoo can be placed on any part of the body depending on the size of the tattoo.

The Glyph
The Cancer glyph is yet another popular design for Zodiac Cancer tattoos. The glyph of Cancer looks similar to the numbers 69 drawn sideways. As the glyph is usually made in smaller size, it is a perfect design for those who do not wish to have larger and elaborate tattoos on their body. The glyph can also be made in different colors and can be placed on any part of the body.

Apart from these, as the moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer sign, it can also be included as a tattoo design. The full moon, smiling moon, moon with facial features, half moon, sun and moon, etc. are some of the options possible as moon tattoo designs. Also, one can include texts like 'CANCER' or 'Proud Cancer', etc. in different styles and fonts, to have unique tattoo designs.

These were some ideas on Zodiac Cancer tattoos. One of the advantages of Zodiac tattoos is that they are always in vogue and never look outdated. Lastly, one should remember to have a tattoo made from a certified professional tattoo artist only, as it is safer from hygiene point of view. Good luck!
By Madhura Pandit
Published: 5/4/2010
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