Zombie Outbreak: In the Moment (1)

An unexpected zombie outbreak occurs. Will the characters survive?
*Jasmin's Point of View*

"Man, I am so hot!" I exclaimed, fanning my face. Sweat was forming on my armpits and my t-shirt felt sticky.

"Maybe you should look in the mirror again," Gem retorted. Marley was drinking some apple juice, but when Gem said this, she choked on her drink with laughter.

"So mean," Marley chuckled, as she wiped away the mess on the school desk.

It took a while for Gem's comment to sink into my head. Eventually, I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that," I muttered. Of course, Gem knew what I meant. We both knew I'd never make a bold statement about my appearance seeing as I'm self-conscious.

I'm the ugliest in my group. I'm really short, really skinny (seriously I look anorexic) and I've got a pizza face. Not to mention that blackheads love to attack me, no matter how many times I try to get rid of them. I'm seventeen, but I've been told (so many times) that I look thirteen.

Gem is the prettiest out of us. She's got gorgeous, long, black hair (although she keeps telling me that's it dark-brown, not black) and the curliest eyelashes ever. Admittedly, she's chubby but, in my eyes, she's gorgeous.

Then there's Marley, who resembles a vampire for me. She's pale, she's got curly, white-blonde hair and her eyes change color, depending on the light. Sometimes they're blue, green or gray. Her teeth also look like fangs.

Both my friends are mix-raced. Gem has African blood in her, whereas Marley is half-Scottish. Meanwhile, I am a Pakistani to the core.

"Hey, guess what my mum told me?" Gem said. I knew the girl well enough to know she didn't really want us to guess, but Marley clearly loved the guessing game.

"She told you she's pregnant!" Marley exclaimed.

Gem shook her head, laughing in disbelief. "No way - eight children is enough for her!"

"She's going on holiday?" Marley guessed. Gem shook her head. "Oh, I know! She's going to save the world!"

Gem contemplated this for a moment. Then she shrugged. "Close enough," she said coolly.

My eyes widened in surprise. "Really, she's gonna save the world?"

Gem laughed again. "No, she just told me something about the world."

"Like what?" I asked, intrigued.

"Basically, she told me about these stone pillars in Greece which were created in the seventeenth century," Gem began, "in each pillar there is a message in Hebrew. When you translate it, it's basically telling us that the world is going to be overpopulated in this era. That means our resources will be gone, which is pretty much the end of the human race."

"So... the world is gonna end?" I asked, frowning. Marley looked at me skeptically. She was less gullible than me.

"Well, there are some instructions on the pillars which the government might follow," Gem said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Like what?!" I asked loudly. I was usually a quiet person, but I had a tendency to raise my voice when I got excited. From the corner of my eyes, I could see a couple of heads turning to look in our direction, but I ignored them all.

"One of the pillars suggested that we might have to create a virus," Gem stated, "something that will wipe off as many people as possible. Something like a zombie apocalypse."

Marley rolled her eyes. "So many people have predicted the world was gonna end in the past, yet it did, never did. I always laughed at every failed prediction. Anyway, what you're telling me reminds me of a book I'm reading at the moment. Are you sure your mum wasn't telling you the plot of some Sci-Fi movie?"

I expected Gem to glare at her, but instead she shook her head while laughing almost affectionately. She laughed a lot when she was with us. Her laughter was usually contagious as I found myself joining in. Then she stopped and her face turned serious.

"My mum researched a lot about it. You can research it too," she suggested.

Marley glanced at her watch. "There's no point. Lunch time is almost over in five mins."

I had a nagging feeling that Marley still wouldn't believe in anything Gem said, even if we researched about it. To be honest, I doubted the entire thing too. I usually got carried away by the moment, too absorbed with fascination, but when I recap everything much later on, I realized how ridiculous the notion of a zombie apocalypse sounded.

After all, it's just fiction. Right?


*Brandon's Point of View*

"What the heck...?"

My friend's hushed voice echoed around the woods. Thankfully, his unnecessary words faded into the noise of the low, animalistic breathing that the creature ahead of us kept making.

It was a day like no other. The sun was shining fiercely in the cloudless sky, shooting its rays into my skin and making my blood boil like lava. No wonder, I was burning red all over my body, which is something Kay didn't have to worry about since he had a dark complexion.

We were behind an old oak tree, which unfortunately had bushes surrounding it. It was the perfect hiding place, but it meant that I kept getting scratched from the prickles on the bush, especially when I moved my head to examine the scenery closer. There was blood, a couple of meters away, splattered on the floor. Two figures were hidden in the shadows created by the tall trees and the small mountain situated near the open lake. One figure was lying on the dirt-patched ground while another figure - the creature - was bending over the unconscious person, seemingly sticking his face into their stomach.

"Who the hell eats another person?" Kay hissed, possibly chucking a rhetorical question my way. I held a finger to my lips, silencing him.

The creature continued feasting on the person's guts, his face digging deeper into their flesh as he grunted loudly with enthusiasm.

"A cannibal... or a zombie," I muttered in response. Surprisingly, my heart was thudding slowly against my chest, yet with every beat, it felt like it was growing heavier.

I didn't need to look at Kay to know that he was shaking his head in that famous skeptical manner of his.

"Nah, that fictional shit doesn't exit - but mental people do exist," he stated firmly. Without waiting for a response, he plunged his hand into his shirt pocket and whipped out a shiny, small object. His phone.

"Are you gonna call someone for help?" I asked him as quietly as possible. Clearly, it was far too late to help the poor victim but perhaps we needed to call for someone to take the monster away.

Kay didn't bother replying. He lifted the phone near the side of the old tree, the small device shaking in his hand as he positioned it towards the creature. The phone was switched on to video footage. Through the phone screen, the blood on the floor looked like black ink or an oil spill. The creature appeared darker and fuzzier, appearing to be camouflaged into the shadows while the victim looked like a disfigured item sprawled out on the ground - barely noticeable, barely human.

"It's so dark. The lens can hardly pick up on anything," I mumbled. My habit of stating the obvious really annoyed Kay, causing him to sigh in his typical exasperated way.

I don't know why it was that, at that moment, the creature chose to stop eating and looked up in our direction. Perhaps he detected the sound waves of Kay's sigh. Maybe he finally sensed that unwelcomed eyes were watching him. Or maybe, just maybe, he heard the remains of my voice.

Whatever the reason was, the creature noticed us immediately and he crawled out the shadows. The sunlight glared above us, revealing the creature baring his blood-stained, jagged teeth. His matted, dark hair almost covered his filthy, scratched face while his pale eyes were glazed with bloodlust. A throaty, strangled growl escaped from him as he rose to his feet.

At that moment, Kay only had to say one word.



Author's Note

Hey, guys! Hope you enjoyed reading that. Want part 2? Leave a comment! Thanks.
Published: 7/20/2015
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