Zombie School

Unrelated to the story I'm currently working on.
I know I'm in the middle of a story, but I had to write this for my english class. It's not that good and very short, but I had the urge to share it with you guys. Mainly to show I'm not all about Gushy-gushy romance stories.
Our school is in lockdown, nobody in, and nobody out. Not many teachers are here and the ones who are, are nowhere to be found. Somehow our school got infected with zombies. Not the flesh-eating, slime-drooling, nom-nom type. No, that'd be too easy. They're the "Look like us, walk like us," flesh-eating zombies. Here's the kicker though - they're all kids we see every day in the hall.

There are two ways to tell zombies from humans. The first, and most preferred, is if they talk. Zombies can't talk very well. That makes it very easy to tell and test. The second is if they go for your throat and try to turn you into a zombie. Not many people like that way.

It's only the high school that's in trouble, 9-12. The school is three stories high plus a basement. Even if we get all the zombies here's no promise we'll get out, but trying is better than doing nothing.

Zombies are a phenomenon unknown to science. No one knows where they come from, but when they do come around there is no room for error in getting rid of them. If you get trapped with them, like we are, you're on your own. If you make it out alive, good for you. If you get turned, hunted, and then brutally killed. Well, that's your problem isn't it?

In schools, libraries, jails, and other major buildings there are zombie hunting supplies. Stuff to get them through the heart or get their heads off with. Unfortunately, only the teachers know where that stuff is. We're lacking teachers and, for once, it sucks.

My name is Kayle and I'm in the 11th grade. I'm human at the moment and I hope to stay that way. Right now we're in groups searching for the supplies. I drew the short straw and am searching the basement with a scared 9th grade girl and a scared senior boy, who is trying to hide his fear, and failing miserably.

The basement is everything creepy that you'd expect. Dim lights, drippy pipes, the smell of urine emanating from the senior boy, but it is where the zombies are less likely to be. If the zombies eat flesh, the flesh is upstairs, then most of the zombies are upstairs. I explained this to them, twice, but they still jump at every noise.

"What was that!?" The girl screams.

"Nothing," I tell her.

"And that." Still yelling.

"Nothing, but it will be something if you don't shut up."

I'm in the front and so far we've found nothing. Open, nothing, close. Open, nothing, close. Open, zombie janitor, close, and lock.

The boy opens a door and screams. The girl screams at him to close it, but he;s frozen. I make a move for him, but am too slow. I slam the door and lock it behind him.

"What are you doing!?" She yells.

"He's gone and we have nothing to fight with!" I yell. "If you want to go in after him be my guest." I add calmly and walk away.

That was the last door and I don't think there was anything in there. What we're looking for is probably in the principals' office anyway.

Once back upstairs the girl tells the others hiding out in the library the horrible things I've done. I ignore her and leave. I'll join the kids on the third floor, that's where the principals office is anyway.
Most of the rooms are locked with zombies inside. They're waiting for us to find the stuff to kill them with. I try not to look for fear I'll recognize someone.

I join up with the third floor group, prove I'm human, and then pair up with another 11th grade boy to look. I tell him about my theory and we head for the principals office. In the back of the room there is a door, probably locked, that says "Zombie Supplies" in big letters. In front of that door there are about five zombies teachers and a zombie principal. I hate this place.

To Be Continued...
Hope you didn't like it too much because chances are it will never be continued. If it is, it won't be for a while. Maybe after my current story.
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Published: 1/11/2011
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