Zombie Stories

Zombies have always been popular among those who are a fan of horror stories and movies. The birth of these scary monsters contributed to some more scary stories bringing goose bumps to those who read them. We have dozens of scary zombie stories for you. So read through and be ready to experience the deadliest world of the Zombies!
Zombie Outbreak: In the Moment (1)
An unexpected zombie outbreak occurs. Will the characters survive?
Undead Nightmare - Chapter 4
New characters! Please comment and rate!
Undead Nightmare - Chapter 3
If you haven't read the prologue yet, it was uploaded onto the Zombie Stories Section. Find me on Facebook. Enjoy.
Undead Nightmare - Chapter 1 (Remake)
The first chapter of Derek's story. Enjoy and please comment/rate.
Undead Nightmare - Prologue (Remake)
This is the more descriptive version of Undead Nightmare. Forget about the other one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undead Nightmare - Chapter 1
Please comment and rate. I will be posting lots of zombie stories so yeah. Thanks for reading! This is based on a remake I am currently working on. The remake is from a story I made when I was about 8 or 9 years old. The plot had...
Mind Key - Summary
Hey guys! So, there have been a couple of questions, and this is me explaining everything. If there are any more questions, please comment.
Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 5
Alright, now I'm switching to Ed's Point of View for now, as he looks for Nick in the zombie infested school. Hope you like it. Next Chapter coming soon, so stay tuned. Comment please.
Mind Key - Chapter 2
Here's chapter 2. Please read and comment on the story.
Mind Key - Chapter 1
This was it, I was going to die. After all my pain, it was useless. The zombies were going to get me. I felt my eyes close and I surrendered into the darkness.
Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 4
I am so sorry for the long wait. I was so busy over the last few months, but I'm back giving you, the readers an emotional chapter of Jr. HOTD. More chapters are coming, so stay tuned.
Survival - Chapter 2
This is a somewhat fan fiction. All rights reserved by zombie podcast. This is the fan fiction story of the superb audio drama, "We're Alive". Enjoy and comment guys. I only own the plotline and names of most characters.
Survival - Chapter 1
A story of battle between life and death; this story is a somewhat fan fiction; all rights reserved by zombie podcast. It's just a taste of an adventurous story of suspense initially beginning in April.
Our Death - Part 1
This is the story of an apocalyptic world and the ways we plan to survive the undead... our death.
Fighting for Survival
Zombie Attacks.
Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 3
Nick and the group fight their first pack of zombies. Then Nick remembers something that he will regret forgetting for the rest of his life. The first 9 chapters are ready, but I have to type them up. It will be at least a day or 2...
Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 2
Nick runs to tell his friends what he saw.
Junior Highschool of the Dead - Chapter 1
This is my first zombie story, it's not perfect but I hope everyone likes it.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 24
Couples get closer and richer.
An Undead Story
Just another group at a part of the city, struggling to survive a hoard of zombies. But what would you do if you wake up without any recollection of anything before you opened your eyes? Not even the apocalypse? Would you try to...
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 23
The elementals get it together.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 22
(Strange team-ups) The forces act and an odd paring.
Extinction - Part I (Full Novel)
Logan and other survivors are wanting to escape out of a zombie outbreak. Will they reach military help, or become one of them? Glenmar Davila's debut short novel will sure give you the satisfaction you need.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 21 (The Horror Con)
Chang and the rider put on a show for Freddy, Jason and pinhead.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 20
Pressures and release. A month of building pressure and the release valve opens.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 19
The heroes 'bond' in their unique ways.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 18
A mental showdown and unlikely friends?
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 17
Arguments erupt and trust starts to be built.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 16
The rider's history and confession.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 15
New arrivals complete the team and new issues arise.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 14
The fights over and the past comes out for Victor, Steve and Chang.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 13
Steve has to confront a person he doesn't want to deal with.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 12
The first of several duels with the hunters and Steve gets a visitor he would rather not deal with.
Waking Up
A one-shot zombie story with a twist.
Pandemic - Part One
I strongly suggest to read Pandemic - Prologue before reading this, because you might not understand what is going on. The prologue was accidentally published on another part of this website, so you will have to search for it in...
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 11
Some of the bigger picture is revealed and Dria reveals a secret.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 10
The heroes day off. A while back I did the poll and Lisa emerged victorious. The other heroes are mentioned in this chapter but it is Lisa's solo story for the most part.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 9
Motivations are show and the heroes see their hearts desires.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 8
Arguments and the dreams are filled in.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 7
Team work time, but hey at least their not tripping over themselves, still.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 6
What happens when a bunch of solo people try to fight together?
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapters Four and Five
More zombies are created and the heroes are called to duty.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter Three
Intro to the remaining heroes and a child's visit to the siren.
War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter Two
The introduction of Victor and Chang-Ming, more questions about the rider.
War of the Chaos Beast (Unbalanced Scales)
Intro to the hunters, brief into the chaos beast and the rider.
Blood Soaked Chronicles: Alarming Death
Our protagonist learns the true meaning of living in a zombie apocalypse.
Just a short story I had to write for class, thought it was pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.
Zombie School
Unrelated to the story I'm currently working on.
Zombie In A Vampire's Cape
Short horror story.
The Zombies Attack Chapters 1-8
It's about teens going through a change or realize their true self all because of zombies.
The Virus - Chapter One
It's a zombie story with a civilian point of view, it's the beginning so bear with me ok?
Combine Fallout 3 and 28 Days later and you end up with this story. It's a story about zombies but it's a bit different from what you'd expect.